Cruelty free swap out: Shampoo!

Ok, as ever, a work in progress however I quite easily found a shampoo I really like already 🙂

photo 8

My hair is just past my shoulders and naturally brunette (with a lot of red through it). Ive been told theres a lot of it but it’s quite fine. Generally it can get fuzzy and fly away but other than that, Its well behaved and I rarely condition it as it can get too soft to do much with. Not that I go out often.. But my main complaint about my hair is that id gets greasy every 23 hours… on.the.goddamn.DOT.

No leiway with that one. Because its dark, it looks greasier sooner too. I shower everyday but having to wash my hair everyday without fail gets a bit annoying for drying time with the length of it, and no, im not into cutting it off again soon as I’ve been a shoulder-length and up dweller for some time.

photo 9

Originally I was unimaginatively counting on Tesco‘s own brand shampoo (Pro formula Satin Sleek with ceramide and Argan Oil) as a swap out from..urgh..trying to remember..I was never that loyal to any one brand, and as my hair got longer (read as had a ‘hard ignoring’ while It got some length..) I changed it a few times for less flyaways..Umm… my boyfriend’s Tresemme I think?..

Anyhow, Tesco’s own: Its local, cheap, Im there a lot and they say they don’t test and like ‘to fund alternatives‘. Alright, its not a gold star but a good stepping off point. I went for sleek and smooth for the aforementioned flyaway’s and it was priced ÂŁ2.00 for the good quantity of 400ml. Not much to complain about here, it was cheap, cheerful, thick and lathered well. Not a bad alternative.

photo 6

Because my hair is long, I generally have to dash into work with my hair wet from showering at the gym. With it being dark, it can look greasy so I’m concious of that. Theres nothing wrong with the Tesco shampoo per se, I just want a girly, smelly shampoo for the above reason. And so, Off to the land of Superdrug we drift..95p (?!) we spend, and a beautiful 400ml of Cherry and Fig smell is ours..

Now I like a nice fresh fruity smell but I don’t like anything that reminds me of wearing the over bearing exclamation  body spray of the 90’s or smelling like a schoolgirl let loose at a perfume counter so Im concious of ‘smelling immature'(…Sometimes I don’t realise how weird I am until I write things down..), So trust me when I say that this shampoo has a great smell when doing ‘the flick’ (not something im much in the habit of but I do re-ties often) Its fresh and as it calls itself ‘uplifting‘ and subtle aswell. Gives me that little bit of extra confidence when Im not looking superb… or my hair is just damp and tied up.

Smells good, looks good and I love the Cruelty free and like the bottle 🙂 Hows about that price for less flyaways though ay?..Full points, I shall remain monogamous.. for now 🙂

photo 7


Facial moisturisers: Cruelty free Swap outs

Here, is where we will witness my absolute laziness and lack of a solid skincare routine..

My skin is normal/dry and basically suffices by being washed in the daily shower with a really gentle wash (‘Superdrugs liquid Feminine wash’ gentle, that stuff is brilliantly versatile, perfect for taking one thing into the shower in the gym) and a weekly work in with a scrublet thingie that is like a soft rubbery disc with fine knobbles on it for exfoliating. Once in a while it’ll get a deep cleansing mask but mostly my face cleansing routine is VERY lazy. Ive always been of the opinion that my skin is actually happier left to its own devices most of the time. I do however, put some moisturiser on once my face has been dried and cooled after a shower for any thirsty patches which i tend to get on my lower cheeks some times.

I was a Nivea girl but alas the swap out calls for something new. Firstly I was using Tesco’s cucumber facial moisturiser. Its not cruelty free certified but Ive had a chin wag with them and their stuff isn’t tested on animals by them or third parties on their behalf. They also state that they are funding research into alternative methods of testing. ..Its not a gold star but its on my doorstep and a Silver star so I gave it a try. Again, dirt cheap and a nice texture to it, not to runny, not too thick. Nice cooling feel to it with the cucumber but it felt a bit filmy on my skin some time after application, although, most moisturisers do for me. I found myself not always reaching for it but Im a bit cut throat with putting things out if their not part of my capsule cool-kids in the bathroom and its survived several culls so Im obviously not hating it either. Full points for Tesco for creating budget lines of alternatives though, its important to have choices, especially where we’re going.

I moved onto Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant range for my day cream and am liking it. Here’s the bumpf on their Website for it:

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream SPF15 is formulated with an energising complex and infused with Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry extracts to help revive skin’s radiance & even out skin tone

Enriched with nourishing Sugar Beet extract, this lightweight formulation provides all day moisturisation, helping to smooth and soften skin’s texture, whilst also protecting against UV rays to keep skin looking youthful.

Infused with plant extracts:
– Kiwi Fruit extract is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is renowned for its remarkable ability to help brighten and even out skin tone, while also providing antioxidant protection against free radicals.
– Mulberry Fruit extract has naturally strong brightening properties, which can help to reduce discolouration and even out skin tone.
– Sugar Beet extract is a natural moisturiser, which helps improve skin’s barrier function and leave skin feeling soft and supple.

Skin looks radiant.
Skin feels moisturised.

After 1 week:
Skin feels softer and smoother.
Skin feels more refreshed and energised.

After 4 weeks:
Skin tone appears refined and evened out.
(Self-assessment user trial by 50 people)”

Not bad, not Bad. (Ive just seen I could have gone for the normal/dry option but I doidnt remember seeing it at the time..) I got it (75ml) for ÂŁ2.95 and its usual price is ÂŁ5.99.

Im inclined to give this a good go before reviewing it but im liking what i see so far. My main thing with my skin is the uneven tone but thats likely more dietary than skin care, I would guess. None the less, lets give this little rocket a good run. Ill update soon.




Deodorant: Cruelty free Replacements/swap outs

Right, you should know that I am NOT the beauty and cosmetics girl.

I do, however seem to have a lot of make up channels followed on Instagram and get a little mesmerised by you tube tutorials of hair/beauty/skincare routines and I am also a citizen of the western world and GOD FORBID you didnt look like you smelled divine, looked delectable, felt radiant and youthful to the touch or appeared fresh and polished at any given moment of the day. So much effort to look effortless..

Anyhow, Im a girl in her 30’s, I enjoy playing with cosmetics, perfumes and beauty, I run a household and know a lot of others who do too. So I want to take a look at some of my swap outs (as we’ll call them) for going cruelty free.

Yep, right down to the last toothpaste, hairspray, hair dye, and lip balm..Its got to have not been known to not cause pain in its production.

Right, Deodorants. I thought this might be a bit of a pain in the arse but alas, it was not. I was using Sure or Dove or whatever roll on originally and this was doing me for after morning showers, after the gym when Im boiling hot and all day running around at work too. I dont want to nuke my poor pores but I dont want stains on my clothes or any wetness either. I niavely assumed that cruelty free stuff might be ‘old school’ in production and quality. Pleasantly, I was wrong 🙂

Deodorant isn’t something I tend to go through a lot of, (less is more etc) so ive not tried many variations however what I have tried has been cheaper than usual, good quality ive tried both aerosol and roll on types from two different brands.

Roll On:

Marks and Spencers: Magnolia

Lovely delicate and fresh subtle smell – I dont think we should be shouting from the scented pits people, a little freshness will suffice. Theres enough other layers of scents going on after this stage to present too much competition. Quick drying as far as Ive noticed, no residue and not  industrialised pore blocker cement formulae either. Ladies (/gents?) We’re onto a winner. How much you ask?

It must be expensive or flash if its M&S no?  Nope, £2.00 for a standard sized easily carried in your bag 100ml and sturdy enough not to pose a leak danger whilst basically being put in my bag and through a washing machine cycle each day on its travels with me.


Spray on/Aerosol:

Not always a massive fan of aerosol deodorant but, Im very nosey and like doing my homework so I gave Superdrugs own 48 Hour Protection – Anti-Perspirant in ‘Cotton’. Here we have an alcohol free lovely fresh smelling big 250ml of aerosol spray. I liked this one. Its not exactly throw in your bag sized but its a good stand-by to have in the house and it basically functions exactly as you’d expect a ‘regular brand’ spray to. It’ll last me a long time 🙂

My *only* problem with this is that it can be powdery which will leave white areas under your arms. Having said that, Id STILL choose it over any other murky-testing policied brand and am actually likely to get it again. The smell is good, the performance is fine, No furries were tortured, Another Superdrug winner.

250ml Anti-Perspirant 48 hour protection from Superdrug Approx ÂŁ1.29.

Let me know if you want me to try out any swap outs in different forms of deodorants, like if youre absolutely set on using say like a creme one or something, Ill find you replacements, I promise. And they won’t be expensive or ridiculous.

How have you got on with your cruelty free deodorants?

6 month update- Cruelty free Household

So Im six months in. And feeling great.

I can genuinely say, there no great ‘sacrifice’ in price OR quality in the products that I have easily replaced in my beauty, skincare, bathroom and household products. And Ive not even had to go completely off the beaten track to find these things, they are readily available on the high street and our doorsteps.

Laundry was a bit of a journey but that was mainly due to needing my washing machine replaced out-right. This has since been a very simple process.

I plan to show you what I have swapped where and thus how EASY it would be for anyone to do, Its an easy task, ive done the trouble shooting for you 🙂 x

Ello, Only me :)

Hey kids, Im still here, just been very busy for a wee while there. I have a few reviews and comparisons coming up to post, my biggest hurdle in going cruelty free so far has been Laundry products (more on that soon). Anyhow just wanted to check in and let you know the captain will be back to the ship shortly!


A cruelty-free plea: To the universe (and any beauty brands who might be reading)


Beauty, for good.

Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my query last week regarding whether you’d be interested to see a post about my cruelty-free cravings… Namely, those products that I sincerely wish would go (or go back to) being completely cruelty-free.

Now, some of my picks may be a bit controversial.  Most of them are products I have from back before the brands were bought out by a parent company that tests on animals.  I understand, and respect, the decision to continue supporting these brands to show the parent companies that there is $ to be made in cruelty-free wares.  But, for me, it’s a no-go.  As always, I refer you to Logical Harmony and the other fabulous sites in my blog roll for full updates…

Now, on to my picks!

1) Benefit Boxed Powder in Dandelion: I ❤ this blush.  It’s a lovely, light neutral that…

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High street Heroes.

photo 1 

One of our bestest Peoples in the world, Lil Miss ‘Wild Witchery’, (LMWW, you’ll hear of her often) introduced me to the unique and quite frankly pretty spectacular feat that is a good Superdrug explore. 

Its own brand range is Cruelty free, theres plenty of stores/you’re likely to have a local one, a points system and a Spectacular team who dealt with my correspondence on the subject…

Toothpastes, hairsprays, shower gels, deodorants (roll on/aerosols etc), face masks, hand creams, facial wipes, Day creams, night creams, serums, lip balms, nail varnishes/treatments, moisturisers, Body creams/butters etc etc etc…and most (exciting recent discovery for me and my greys) grown up’s Hair dyes. Let me be frank, this place feels inexhaustible in terms of products made with the best intentions. I was in there recently and looking for eyelash dye (not a falsies fan) and looking for an alternative to the usual brand. Didn’t find it on that occasion but I’ll be back, pretty confident in Superdrug that it’ll exist!
I recently went into Superdrug on my birthday to start replacing most of my upcoming ‘run outs’ (Don’t do it in a oner, see my previous post/guide) with my girl LMWW and I remember thinking I’d need to set aside at least ÂŁ30 for this restock…
Toothpastes 75ml ‘Gum protection’ and ‘Sensitive whitening’
Shower gels 250ml ‘Spearmint/sea Salt For men’ and the delicious ‘Dragonfruit and Vanilla’
Aerosol anti-perspirants 250ml (48 hour, alcohol free) ‘For men’ and ‘Cotton’
EACH around a £1 a pop.
Not near to replacing anything yet but the DF&V shower gels’ days are numbered because I douse myself in it..) and that was over 2 months ago.
Ignore other high street/supermarkets for the everyday items and make a bee line for a local Superdrug. Its important we support those who are truly doing the best they can in their manufacturing and are proud to talk about it. Spread the word on Superdrug, they deserve massive accolade on this subject and they’re probably the friendliest team Ive interacted with for this blog, ever.
Repeat after me,
Absolute heroes…
(Thank you LMWW! xx)

Step 1 to cruelty free: We gotta talk about your bathroom..

Making over your bathroom… Its good clean fun, you’ll really enjoy it and knowing theres nothing in there that has been the source of pain for a little planet comrade FEELS so good.

A few things to note,
Do use up everything. If its not CF, Im willing to bet you didn’t directly know or check when you bought, or were given the items. Is it then also worth knowing that they were/could have been and throwing them away despite it? Waste is a bigger crime of pain than at least finishing the product. Suffering is horrific but suffering for no reason is worse for me. It will also give you time to get in real long term substitutes for the items you use. The ‘demand/sale’ has already happened but we want to keep the goal longer term. Take your time, this is a feel good transition and we’re not going to the shame cave on this one ok? think of the bigger lifelong goal.
Do your research. In the time you have had a product, the companies stance may have changed, they may have gained certification of their policies, opened up more or gone the other way and been bought over by a larger parent company that can no longer be certified on their own merits. Yes you may need some painful ‘Oh but I’ve always used..’ break up’s with some products but think of it like any break up, it worked for a while but now its time to move onto pastures new. Just be kind and gently let it go, theres so much more to discover out there..Yay!
Don’t just rip out every bottle, tube and paste thats got no sniffty of a leaping bunny cruelty free certificate plastered on it and ram it all triumphantly in the bin. Its uneconomical, drastic and could also cause confusion for your skin/hair if you knee jerk.
Don’t think this is going to be an expensive exercise. More on my experience to come but for a skintflint, it was easy done..(2 brands though, M&S and the holy grail Superdrug..)
Lists. God knows I love a list. (I’m a studious little thing. It also taps into another fetish of mine, Stationary..) Slowly begin a list of the things you will need to replace. Shampoo? Hair mask? Toothpaste? Shower gel? bubble bath? All the little things.This is where it starts to get fun 🙂
My bible is and their list of companies/brands that are certified. It’s regularly updated, International and also cuts out the ‘media friendly’ responses crap and shows the wheat from the chaff. To be certified by these guys its an ongoing thing, not just a heres your bit of paper good luck kind of achievement but an active ongoing partnership thats open to audit and held to account.
Get excited, this is activity is about to get cathartic.
PS REALLY, it’s not expensive to do..Trust me, you’ll like this gig.

‘Not tested on Animals’ = Cruelty free?..

OK Wolf-pups, Heres the deal.

So internationally, protection/legislation for animals leaves a lot to be desired. If a company loosely describes its products as ‘Not tested on Animals’ (which is of course is both appealling and primarily definitely good news) it can still cause cruelty.  Now I don’t want to get too deep on this but let me try to illustrate the difference as I have found it in research.
Not tested on animals, I like to read as :
‘The bulk of your ingredients are not tested by us but we can commission others to do so on our behalf and source from unchartered territories. We can also say we don’t test but sell internationally to countries such as China which have MANDATORY animal testing of all beauty and household products, previously tested or not.’
Cruelty Free, I like to think of as:
My Heroes. The Gold standard. The way it should be done. If they’re really worth their salts, they’ll
A) Be certified as such by BUAV or another major international governing body which will do regular audits to maintain the certification standard is upheld (I adore the list which gets updated regularly)
B) Be very transparent, open and honest about their policies.
C) Celebrate it and be proud!
These are the Very Good guys. These guys deserve commendation for going a different route to what would be easy for the reason of it being THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
If you find a Certified cruelty free brand, write to them. Email them. Tweet them. Tell them they’re doing a great thing. Just as I like to engage discussion from companies who stray into the ‘Grey area’ with their testing policies, I love to commend those who have gone straight to the right choice and tell them that their efforts are recognised, important and worthwhile. A good pat on the back helps us all along.
Those who are in the Grey area, encourage them. Don’t let yourself get written off as an angry activist, engage them. Talk to them, say (peacefully) that its important and encourage them to keep in touch with you about their policies. Be open and approachable. The more people ask about them about this, the more it will ring true.
With the above comparison in mind, am I going to turn down ‘Not tested on animals’ over tested in a.. *really* tight spot? Absolutely not. Some effort is clearly better than none but my choice will ALWAYS be first and foremost, certified Cruelty Free over all else and I really encourage you to think about being the same.
More soon.